What you Need to Know Before Selling Your Mobile Phone

February 11, 2015

If you are looking to sell your mobile for a little spending cash or to replace it with a new phone, selling an old cell phone has never been easier. Take your phone to a retail store for an immediate trade in, or find an online seller if you do not require instant cash.

sell your mobile

So how will you know the worth of your old phone? There are a number of options and prices offered when it comes to selling your mobile phone that is in good working condition. Before learning on where to sell your mobile, here are some basic rules of business on what the buyers want, will and are willing to pay for.

– Phones posses different types networks and their value vary. Mobiles on AT&T or factory unlocked cells tend to be worth more than the rest.

– Your phone’s current situation will have a lot of impact on its worth. Phones that look new and in god condition will earn you a fortune. Cracked or damaged mobiles will not be worth much. Phones that are not functional may not be worth anything. Though certain sites may be interested in purchasing them for parts and accessories, a number of trade-in programs will turn them away.

– The older your cell is, the less money you will fetch from it. Bear in mind that’s more than a number of years old may not be worth anything at all, but you can recycle it for free.

– Personalization will not work in your favor; a phone with personalized engraving will not be worth much.

– Most trade in programs want your power cable and in other times other original accessories. Without this, your phone will not be worth much.

Before shipping your gadget, back up your data, photos, clips and any other important files to your PC or a cloud storage service. You can back up your Apps with iCloud, if your mobile is iPhone, or the Helium app, for android pones. Then overwrite your information rather than just erasing it, so that that the person who ends up with your phone doesn’t wind up your contacts and family pictures. You can also connect your gadget to your computer and manually save your shred files via your PC’S file shredding program. Do not forget to remove cases, SIM card, screen protectors and the microSD. Anything you opt for in any way that will please you, all the best navigating the trade-in market place.