Pagers are not very popular any more.  At one time they were very popular and expensive.  The advantage to a pager is if you want to be reachable but not necessarily talk you can always be in contact.

Use a Tracfone as a Pager.

You can buy a Tracfone for $10 to $20.  With Caller ID you can always see who is calling or who has called.  Pay $20 and put 60 minutes and 90 days on your phone ($ 6.66 per month).  Put a message on the phone saying “You have reached the Pager of James Madison, I will call you back shortly.”  If you buy the $20 Tracfone cards and use your Tracfone for calling you will pay a lot to talk.  As a Pager they work just fine.

Leave an Outgoing Message

If you want to leave a message about your where you are or where you are going to be you can use a Tracfone as a messenger.  You can change the message from a land line or another cell phone without using your minutes.  Just call in use your PIN number which you will get when you set up your voice mail and set up your message.   You can also check your messages without using your phone minutes.

Is your Child Grounded?

If you take their cell phone away but you still want to be able to reach them give them a Tracfone with only 60 minutes on it and make them use it as a pager.  They have to call you back as soon as they get the call from another phone.  They are not allowed to call or text or answer any other calls.  You can easily check the call log on the phone.