Checking your Net10 Voice mail without Using Minutes

Once you have set up your voicemail you can check it from any other phone you want. If you have access to a land line or a phone that does not charge per minute you can easily check it from one of them. Call your Net 10 number from a different phone and do not answer your Net10 phone. As your Net10 Phone goes to the answering machine put in your password and the system will pick up and allow you to check your voice mail. If you turn off your phone before you call it, the system will send you directly to voicemail where you can put in your code and access it.

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How to get the Best Package Deal on a Net10 Phone

I usually suggest purchasing your Net10 Phone online. You will usually have the best variety of phones. I always check for Net10 Purchase Discount codes. Usually the codes will save you three to ten dollars on your Net10 phone purchase. Walmart, Target and many convenience stores usually carry the phones in stock but they normally only have the less expensive models.

Do my Net10 Prepaid Minutes Rollover?

Yes, your minutes will roll over as long as you keep your phone active. You must keep units and activation time on your Net ten prepay phone to keep it active. If it is past your Service date or you have zero minutes left then your phone is not Active.

How Net10 Wireless Works

Net10 is a basic Cost Per Minute prepaid cell phone company. Net10 is owned by Tracfone and operates nearly the same way with different rates and better phones.

You purchase the Net10 phone and a Minute card. You can only use a Net10 for Net10 service, you cannot use a Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Alltel, Net10 or any other phone with Net10 Service.

Activating your Net10 Wireless Phone

You will Activate the phone by calling Net10 on a land line or by going online.

To activate your phone you will key in a series of numbers. It is really simple and if you hit the wrong key you will be able to easily redo it. For the system to activate your phone can take 10 minute to a couple of hours.

Adding a Net10 Card is even easier. You can add Net10 minutes directly from the phone or from the Net10 website. You will key in the 15 digit PIN code into your phone.

I have gotten a lot of extra minutes on my Net10s by using Bonus Codes. Net10 Bonus codes are a five digit number that will increase the number of minutes you get when you are adding a card to your Net10 phone or buying a new phone.. Check out the Net10 Bonus Codes.

How Net10 Service Time Works

The $20, $30, $45, $60 and $100 Net10 Cards all give you 30 days of service per $15 spent along with the 10 cent minutes. You must have both minutes and service time on your phone to use it. The remaining number of minutes and the service end date will usually show on your display. hwnet10wrks

Buying Net10 Cards

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When you buy from the Net10 website put in this code as you are making a phone purchase to save a little extra money.

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Net10 Service Time and Minutes Roll Over

Activation time and your Minute Balance will both be added to your current balance when you add a new card. Let’s say you have 60 days and 20 units left on your phone. Add a 300 minute 60 day card and you will end up with 120 days(60 60) and 320 minutes (20 300).

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Here is a great article on How Net10 Works?

Finally Net10 has released some discount codes. Net10 discount codes are a great way to save money on your Net10 purchases.

How can I use my Tracfone as a Pager and how much would this cost?

T-Mobile Prepay Annual Cell Yearly Plan

The T-mob plan has two options. The “Pay by the Day” plan and the “Pay as you Go” plan.

The Pay by the day plan costs you $1 per day and ten cents a minute. With this plan you receive unlimited night calling (7 pm to 7 am) and unlimited calling to T-Mobile cellular phone numbers.

The T-Mobile “Pay as you Go” plan charges different minute rates depending on how much you spend. The larger denomination cards give you more minutes per dollar spent. If you add a $10 unit card you will pay 33 cents a minute. With the $25 card you will pay 19.5 cents a minute. With the $50 minute card you pay 12.5 cents a minute. If you buy a $100 card you will get 10 cent units.

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T-Mobile Pre-paid Yearly Mobile Service time

Any time you add a $10, $25 or $50 card you will get 90 days of service time. Once you have added $100 to your T-Mobile pre pay yearly cell phone plan you will have one year to use your minutes.

T-Mobile Pre pay Annual Cell phone Strategy

The best strategy to use with T-mobile is to add $100 to your plan when you start it. Then add $100 cards when you are low on minutes. The $50 unit card is not a bad deal after you have added $100. The $10 and $25 cards should never be added because your cost per minute is so high. T-Mob used to have the Best Pay as you go Annual Mobile phone Yearly Cell Plan but Tracfone and Net 10 now have less expensive options.

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The Best Pre pay Yearly Cell Yearly Cell Plan

In my opinion the Best Pre pay Yearly Mobile Yearly Cell Plan is the the Track phone prepaid $200 3,000 minute (with DMFL) plan. This is only offered from This plan gets you the best per minute price for prepaid cell phone plans at 6.6 cents a minute.

The $100 per year Track phone plan is a pretty good deal also but the units are more expensive at 12.5 cents a minute.

Net10 prepaid wireless yearly units are ten cents each and your yearly charge will be $200.

The T-Mobile Yearly Plan is simple. You buy the $100 minute card and your service will stay active for up to 12 months as long as you do not run out of minutes. The units will cost 10 cents. If you add smaller than $100 refill cards you will pay up to 33 cents a minute. You only get the ten cent per minute rate if you buy $100 at a time.

The Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan from Tracfone gives you a lot of flexibility. If you do not use all of your units they will roll over if you keep your service active. If you have a lot of units left over you can buy $20 phone cards that will give you three months of service. If you run out of units you can always add minute cards and pay between 6.6 cents and 17 cents a minute with DMFL.