Will I lose my NET10 Phone Number if I let my service expire?

Normally you will lose your number if you run out of minutes or service time. With Net10 service you will need to spend at least $30 every two months to keep your service active. You may grumble at this but if you let your Verizon or T-Mobile Prepaid service expire they will charge you $35 to reactivate your phone.

Most monthly plans you have to submit a credit application to get service. Also if it were a monthly plan you would pay a $150 penalty to get out of your contract. Compared to $35 to $150 the loss of your phone number is pretty cheap.

LG 600 and Motorola W376
Net10 LG 600 and Tracfone Motorola W376

With any prepaid service you will have to top up or add money every so often. The least expensive to keep service active is Tracfone where you can add a $20 phone card every 3 months to keep service active. Net10 is one of the least expensive overall because you get 300 minutes for $30 and 300 minutes comes with all the phones.   With Tracfone you only get 120 or 240 minutes (with DMFL) for $30.

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